Clare Harvey

Clare Harvey is the award-winning author of four historical fiction titles published by Simon & Schuster UK. Her debut, The Gunner Girl, was inspired by her mother-in-law’s time on the anti-aircraft guns during WW2. Clare grew up in Devon, but as the trailing spouse of a serving soldier, has lived all over the world. She now lives in Nottingham with her family, and is working on her fifth novel.

Shirley Mann

Shirley Mann is a former BBC journalist who has taken until her 60s to write her first novel, ‘Lily’s War’, which is published by Zaffre. It’s a story loosely based on her parents’ wartime romance- her mother was a WAAF in Bomber Command and her father was in the 8th Army. She didn’t ask enough questions before they died so she travelled the country interviewing WAAFs and she wanted the book to be a fitting tribute to their and her parents’ legacy. Her second book about a female ATA pilot, ‘Bobby’s War’ is due out March 2021.

Wakanyi Hoffman

Wakanyi is a trained journalist and an accomplished editor, who recently worked on the first written English translation of folktales from the ancient Daasanach tribe in Northern Kenya. She identifies as a world citizen and has raised her four children in Kenya, the US, Nepal, Philippines, Ethiopia and Thailand. She recently moved to the Netherlands, where she hopes to settle for a little while. When asked where in the world she most feels at home, without a doubt, she would say it is Nepal. During her short stay there, she set up an English library in a dilapidated building in the center of Kathmandu, and invited all the local children for weekly story-time sessions. There are many highlights of her family’s time in Nepal, but there’s a particular recurring scene that she has carried with her since leaving. On a clear day, the Himalayas would reveal their snow-peaked tops from the kitchen window, where she spent many afternoons boiling water to sanitize her toddler’s drinking bottles. Wakanyi loves to hear a good story and blogs about her adventurous experiences on She is also an author at


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