We are aiming to raise a grand total of £100,000 through The Big Story that feeds into our summer appeal. This sounds like a lot (it is!) but we believe that it is achievable and we need to continue to aim really high. Here’s how it works: From late-March until the middle of May we will be approaching charitable Foundations and major donors inviting them to make pledges totalling £50,000. The idea is that this can become a special fund that will match the first £50,000 in public donations (including Big Story sponsorship). So, £25 in sponsorship automatically doubles up to £50!

The funds raised will be allocated proportionately as follows

Child Rescue

50% will be used in support of our child rescue work in Nepal. Our children’s refuge provides a safe place for displaced and trafficked Nepalese children whom we rescue from India and the victims of child rape from within Nepal itself. We offer a dedicated child trauma management centre that provides the necessary professional care to children who have experienced extremes of abuse. If we hit our fundraising target, that means £50,000 towards this programme.

Nepal Projects

25% will be allocated towards our other project areas in Nepal. These include the education and training of school-age children and older girls in Kathmandu and in Dhanusha, south Nepal. The girls and children who benefit can be rape survivors or they can come from the lowest “untouchable” castes. This year we are launching environmental projects in south Nepal that involve forest re-planting and associated carbon sequestration in response to the Climate Emergency. The precise allocation of this portion will be at the discretion of our Trustees.

General Purposes

25% will be set aside for general purposes in Nepal and the UK including creating an emergency fund that can be used for any pressing need at the discretion of the Trustees. For example, heaven forbid that we have a repeat of the 2015 earthquakes at this juncture. We currently have no significant funds available to mitigate the impact of such natural disasters. And it remains unclear how we might need to respond to COVID-19 in Nepal. If we hit our target, this will provide us with an invaluable £25,000 in support and contingency funding.


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